Studies Gauge Effects of Menopause

By Dr. Ben Ramaley

With symptoms ranging from annoying to debilitating, menopause can affect every aspect of a woman’s life. Fortunately, as researchers study menopause, they are discovering new treatment regimens that could help many women age with more ease.

Women often complain that menopause has reduced their ability to function normally. Recent studies have found that, for example, between one-third and two-thirds of women do experience mental fuzziness associated with menopause, mostly in the areas of short-term memory and concentration. They did not find a correlation with hot flashes or hormone levels, but the women who also had trouble sleeping, were depressed, or who suffered panic attacks were most likely to show decreased mental function. If you are having problems focusing and remembering things after menopause, consider seeking treatment for underlying issues.

Menopause can also affect a woman’s ability to lead a normal life. A study out of Denmark found that women going through menopause were more likely to call in sick to work. In addition, such women tended to rate their job performance as worse than that of non-menopausal women. It seems, then, that many women find that menopause negatively affects their work-life balance. The study was done on nurses and home health professionals, however, so it is possible that women in jobs with lower stress levels might not experience the same effects.


About Dr. Ben Ramaley

Dr. Ben Ramaley serves the community as an Obstetrician Gynecologist at Southport Women's Group.
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