Dr. Ben Ramaley on an Adolescent’s First Visit to a Gynecologist

Dr. Ben Ramaley has practiced obstetrics and gynecology for nearly 40 years. Currently a physician at Southport Women’s Healthcare in Connecticut, Dr. Ramaley focuses his care on women undergoing life changes, such as adolescence and menopause.

Parents and female teenagers may not know exactly when the teen should start visiting a gynecologist. Six years ago, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommended that young women first visit such physicians when they reach ages 13 to 15.

While teenagers may not require as extensive an exam as a full-grown woman, such a visit may prove beneficial. A gynecologist can serve as an impartial health care authority and give the patient advice regarding sexual activity, pregnancy prevention, and sexually transmitted diseases. The physician can correct misinformation that fellow students may have shared. Furthermore, young women may feel more comfortable discussing their health concerns with doctors as opposed to family members.

The initial visit does not have to include a pap test, a pelvic exam, or a physical exam. The appointment can facilitate communication between the patient and the doctor and expose the patient to issues that may affect her throughout her life.


About Dr. Ben Ramaley

Dr. Ben Ramaley serves the community as an Obstetrician Gynecologist at Southport Women's Group.
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