Training for Water Polo, by Dr. Ben Ramaley

To excel at water polo, a good player needs stamina and speed as much as raw strength. However, there is no one area that a player should focus on. Meet with a personal trainer and draft a schedule that concentrates on each aspect individually. To stay limber for workouts and polo play, perform stretches that work your entire body.

To improve stamina and agility, put together a jump rope program, performing an increasing number of sets and rotations as your proficiency increases. Lifting weights helps improve overall strength. Try lifting every other day, then performing stamina-oriented workouts on off days.

Lastly, your workout need not be intensive year-round, but try to visit the gym at least three days out of every week.

About the Author: Outside his career in gynecology and obstetrics, Dr. Ben Ramaley enjoys physical activities, including water polo, and serves on the Greenwich Water Polo Board of Directors.


About Dr. Ben Ramaley

Dr. Ben Ramaley serves the community as an Obstetrician Gynecologist at Southport Women's Group.
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